BDSM Holiday Spain - Discrimination Policy

BDSM Holiday in Spain

Sadly almost everybody discriminates against other people. We at BDSM Holiday Spain do our best to avoid discrimination against anyone.

We welcome everyone to our BDSM / Fetish holidays and events, even those whose kinks we fail to understand. We will not judge you.


  • Wheelchair users - we are sorry, we live in a rural area and the property was never designed with wheelchair users in mind. Most areas of the property are not wheelchair friendly.
  • Deaf, Blind Speech impaired - You are all welcome, we will do our best to make you as comfortable as possible.


  • We welcome people of all religions, however our holidays are for the enjoyment of all our guests, so we ask that you keep your religious views to yourselves.

Race, Colour or Nationalities

  • We welcome everyone of all colours, races and nationalities.
  • However, the BDSM and Swinging scenes operate on people feeling attracted to their fellow actors and playmates.


  • We allow people of all legal ages to come on a BDSM holiday.
  • If you appear to be under 18, we will ask to see photo ID before allowing you to enter.


  • Everyone of any weight is allowed to attend.


  • People of all sexualities are very welcome.
  • Transsexuals, Transvestites and Cross dressers are all equally welcome to come and join us.