BDSM Holiday Spain Terms and Conditions

BDSM Holiday in Spain

Your "BDSM Holiday in Spain" weekend break is for you to relax and enjoy, we need to make sure that you and the other guests do not upset each other, so we have a set of simple terms and conditions that you need to understand and accept before booking. We try to keep the rules to a minimum, but sufficient to ensure that people have an enjoyable time.

  • These breaks are for people involved in the BDSM scene.
  • We do not guarantee you will be able to interact with any other guests, the BDSM and Fetish scenes are based on mutual consent.
  • All activities must be consensual, if it is not consensual it is a crime of assault or sexual assault and the authorities will be called.
  • We do not allow the use of any hard drugs.
  • Anyone found using "date rape" drugs, or dealing any drugs will be reported to the police.
  • Easy on the alcohol - a drunk is not an attractive or safe partner, and will impair your performance.